Our line of capsules is much more than oil in gel caps.  We use some of the most potent and highest quality herbal extracts in the world to synergize with the cannabis.  Some of these herbs are more expensive than cannabis and more valuable than gold.  When blended in the right proportions with cannabis oil, some of our herbal combinations produce results that are extraordinarily potent and will outperform any regular cannabis capsule.  Explore the effect of our different capsule formulas and witness the true power of the entourage effect.

Below is the intended effect for each of our herbal formula combinations.  These statements have not been approved by the FDA.  Our products have not been proven to have medical benefits and at this time we can make no claims that our products have medical value.



Uplifting, energizing, focus. Supports memory and mental performance. – Take our recharge capsule to enhance your activities! Sativa oil infused with extracts of Green Tea, Rhodiola, and Gingko. Take your games and activities to another level with Recharge capsules!

Rejuvenate CBD


Cellular enhancement, detoxification. Supports healthy immune function. – CBD is a powerful and miraculous substance. Our rejuvenate capsules maximize the effects of CBD through herbal synergy, harnessing the entourage effect that gives cannabis its power and variation effects from strain to strain. Different mixtures of cannabinoids produce different effects in cannabis depending on the type of cannabis. This is becoming well known, but it is still not fully understood by modern pharmacology. Using principles based in traditional herbal medicines, we have discovered herbal combinations that enhance the effects of cannabis, with noticeable results. For our rejuvenate capsule we blend AC/DC high CBD cannabis oil with an indica strain (THC dominant) to make standard THC/CBD ratios of 10:1 and 1:1. This blended oil is then infused with potent herbal detoxifiers and neuroprotectancts, thereby enhancing the function of CBD allowing it to absorb better, perform better, and have longer lasting effects in the body. Try our rejuvenate capsules for optimal CBD results.



Mild sedative/hypnotic effect. Supports relaxation, body comfort, and mental easiness. Ready to unwind and put your feet up? Indica oil infused with Passion Flower and Corydalis. Enjoy a calm body and mind, enjoy the moment, enjoy Relax capsules.

High Potency 275







Tinctures are liquid infusions, administered orally. You can hold the liquid directly under your tongue in a method known as sublingual absorption, which allows for quick absorption and faster onset. Or the liquid can be mixed into food or beverages.

The tincture delivers cannabis in the edible form. Our standard THC tincture is 10mg of THC per serving, which can cause a strong effect due the efficiency of the delivery. We also make a 1.5:1 ratio CBD:THC tincture that provides 7.5mg CBD and 5mg THC per serving and a 5:1 CBD:THC tincture that provides 10mg CBD and 2mg THC per serving. Both of these CBD tinctures provide a more relaxed and less intoxicating experience and is preferred by people looking to cannabis for wellness and a balanced effect. The standard THC tincture will provide the strongest psychoactive effect.

Purified coconut oil – this is a high quality nutritional food with many benefits on its own.

Cannabis concentrate – extracted from pristine flower grown onsite, not low quality trim. Free of solvent and pesticide residue.

Pure essential oils – We use food-grade steam-distilled essential oils to add natural flavor and aroma.

Consuming the tincture under the tongue (Sublinqual) with the included dropper is one of the most efficient means of consuming an edible type cannabis product. Hold the tincture oil under your tongue for one minute or more and then swallow. Sublingual absorption provides a faster onset, and less body heaviness and sedation that is common with cannabis edibles. Also try mixing our tincture into foods and beverages for an amazing experience. Our different natural flavors are perfect additions to one of your favorite recipes. Try our Citrus tincture in guacamole, or add a bottle of Wintermint tincture to a batch of brownies. Our cinnamon tincture makes a great addition to a glass of whiskey.

Yes. It is easy to see the halfway point when filling the dropper. Just fill the medicine dropper normally, squeeze half of the liquid back into the bottle, and then consume the rest. We recommend you first try a partial dropper full to test your tolerance, being careful not to consume more than you are comfortable. Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones who is a ¼ dropper consumer…this makes a tincture bottle go much further and saves you money!

Most people experience the effects for roughly 4 hours. But it can last longer in some cases and shorter for others. Tinctures are very good value because they are very effective and last a long duration typically.

If you have never tried cannabis before you should definitely start with a partial dose (1/4 dropper may be a good starting place for a THC tincture). The experience is difficult to describe and varies from person to person. The experience is also dependent on dosage. Start with a small amount and wait 2 hours or more to see what the effects are for you personally. Some people only need a half dose to get benefits, while others might not feel a full dose. The feeling of our tinctures compared to cannabis smoke is similar but with more of a body sensation, less energetic. When cannabis is consumed the effects are generally more sedative-like due to a faster occurrence of THC liver metabolism.

No. We do not use any preservatives.

No. We only use natural food-grade essential oils. Our cinnamon oil is a high-quality CO2 oil extracted from prized imported cinnamon bark.

No. We do not use any sweetener of any kind. The flavor is clean and open, mostly aroma. Perfect for mixing into food and drink without disrupting the flavor balance.

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