THC & CBD Vape Cartridges

Lowest failure rate in the industry, premium terpene-rich oils


The Fairwinds line of vapor cartridges embodies a unique patent-pending process that preserves more terpenes than any other method. Cold-processed, our vape oil is never heated above room-temperature and you can taste the difference.  True, natural strain flavors are bold and pronounced.


THC & CBD Vape Cartridges

ProductImages_VapeOur CBD vape oils are breakthrough quality, producing smooth flavorful vapor with no harsh burn taste combined with all the effects of CBD that people have come to rely on.  In 10:1 non-psychoactive and 1:1 mild-psyhocactivity, choose the CBD cartridge that works for you.  We are confident it will be the best tasting CBD cartridge you have ever tried.


Our THC vape oils are potent and pure.  We produce our THC vape cartridges in multiple strains, demonstrating the diverse range of terpene profiles naturally present in cannabis flowers.  Our Gorilla Glue has a complex piney flavor, and our Lavender Kush has a notable floral bouquet.  The Pineapple Express is a fruity favorite, with a clear expression of the tropical/citrus notes found in many cannabis strains.

Note: This product has not been approved by the FDA to treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Vape cartridges are containers of cannabis extract processed into a vaporizable liquid.  The vaporizer cartridge requires a battery to be used.

The cartridge is connected to a battery or other power source and a small “atomizer” device inside the cartridge is activated, which thermally vaporizes a small amount of the liquid as you inhale.

The average consumer will experience the effects for 1-4 hours but varies amongst individuals

When you inhale as you would a normal joint, you will find the vapor to be similar to smoke but also somewhat different, tasting sweeter and less burnt. The experience is similar to smoking cannabis but lighter and less body effect.

No. We don’t use any preservatives.

No.  We only use natural cannabis terpenes to enhance flavor and effect.

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