PTSfree Capsules



When stress is too high it can be damaging, and once the damage has been done it can be difficult to get back to where you were.  PTSfree is designed to support the mind and body in those seeking a shield for the noise of daily life.   Science has proven that PTSD patients have a compromised endocannabinoid systems and this formula is designed with that in mind. PTSfree leverages a unique cannabinoid ratio that produces a minimal psychoactive effect for few, while retaining a maximum amount of the support you need.  This ratio may produce a very mild psychoactive effect for very sensitive individuals, but the overall experience is comforting. Clinically studied herbal extracts (like Ashwagandha) produce a synergy with cannabis, supporting a relaxed confidence with regular use. The PTSfree formula shows immediate benefits (effects can be felt with a single serving), but the formula provides the most benefit with continuous daily use.  Some ingredients like Ashwagandha only reach their full potential after 1 week of daily consumption.  Note: This product has not been approved by the FDA to treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Product Release Announcement

10 servings per package – 140mg active cannabinoids per package
4mg CBD / 2mg THC / 8mg THCA per serving
40mg CBD / 20mg THC / 80mg THCA per package

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