Rejuvenate CBD 10:1 Capsules



Our rejuvenate capsules maximize the effects of CBD through herbal synergy, harnessing the entourage effect that gives cannabis its power and variation in effects from strain to strain. Using principles based on traditional herbal medicines we have discovered many secrets of cannabis that are not yet revealed, including herbal combinations that enhance the effects of cannabis with noticeable results. For our rejuvenate capsule we blend terpene rich CBD and THC dominant cannabis oil to make standard 10:1 ratio of CBD:THC.  This blended oil is then infused into potent adaptogens, anti-oxidants, and absorption enhancers, thereby enhancing the function and bio-availability of the formula, allowing it to absorb better, perform better, and have longer lasting effects in the body. Try our rejuvenate capsules as an optimal way to support daily and general wellness.  Note: This product has not been approved by the FDA to treat, cure or prevent any disease.

165mg active cannabinoids per package – 10 servings per package
15mg CBD / 1.5mg THC per serving
150mg CBD / 15mg THC per package

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