Our Grow

How It All Starts

Our flower is grown from cuttings that start in a clean-room environment, completely free of pests and disease. After roots are established, cuttings are transferred to clean-rooms organized by strain. The rooms are equipped with powerful environment controls built on custom patented technology. Each room’s humidity, temperature, light levels, CO2 ppm, and other environmental factors are precisely monitored and regulated using an advanced digital control system.

This sophisticated monitoring and control system allows us to customize environments specifically for each strain’s unique genetic expression. Some strains have been adapted to high temperature environments, many indicas are adapted for a tropical climate, while sativas are generally adapted to temperate regions. With the emergence of extensive cannabis hybridization, many new strains have a blend of environment preferences, or unique needs that set them apart from all other strains.

Attention to Detail

Cannabis is certainly a robust and hearty plant, part of the reason for the name “weed.” But like most plants, it will respond to stimuli dramatically. The difference between high-quality flower and other inferior harvests comes down to the health of the plant and various subtle environmental factors that communicate signals, activating a spectrum of biochemical responses.

Terpene production, cannabinoid ratios, plant wax content, and the production of other phytochemicals is dependent on key environmental factors that communicate information. These messages from the environment are integral to the evolution of plant species in general, and cannabis is certainly no exception. As we continually learn more about cultivating cannabis, we learn more about how it communicates with its environment, and ultimately how best to attain the full potential of cannabis.

  • Omrita Rx (Hybrid)

    Our Omrita phenotype yields a spectacular floral-berry type cannabis aroma and a staggering CBD potency.

    CBDA 23.40%
    ∆9THCA 1.60%

  • ACDC (Hybrid)

    ACDC is a remarkable strain. The oil from this plant is a viscous liquid, seemingly naturally low in plant waxes, and the highest CBD producer we have ever seen.

    CBDA 25.08%
    ∆9THCA 0.75%

    CBDA 23.40%
    ∆9THCA 1.60%

  • Pot of Gold (Indica)

    Pot of Gold is an Indica, with genetic heritage from the landrace strains of the Hindu Kush, a mountainous region near Pakistan and Afghanistan.

    CBDA <0.1%
    ∆9THCA 24.51%

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