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What is the “entourage effect?”

By Josh Kaplan, Ph.D. Cannabis’ therapeutic potential is enhanced by multiple cannabinoids in combination with terpenes. This results from...Read More

How do THC and CBD differ?

By Josh Kaplan, Ph.D. THC has both recreational and therapeutic benefits but carries risk for short- and long-term health...Read More

How does cannabis effect the brain?

By Josh Kaplan, Ph.D. The body has a cannabinoid system comprised of the chemicals, 2-AG and anandamide, and the...Read More

What is cannabis?

By Josh Kaplan, Ph.D. Cannabis is a flowering plant that produces many chemicals, called cannabinoids, that have been used...Read More

White Peony Root

White Peony is a common herb in traditional Chinese herbology, used for soothing the liver to calm irritability, tension,...Read More

Green Tea

Green Tea contains powerful antioxidants that have many benefits related to cardiovascular health, diabetes, weight loss, inflammation, liver health,...Read More


L-Theanine is an amino acid found in green tea that has soothing neuroprotective qualities.  When taken alone it promotes...Read More


Shilajit (a.k.a. mineral pitch) is a black tarry substance that is harvested from the cliffs of the Himalayan mountains...Read More