AM Relief Capsules



AM Relief is a formula designed to provide the comforting benefits of cannabis with minimal psychoactive effect. Try AM Relief to support your body during daytime activities.  Keep yourself comfortable and moving, and without the stoned feeling of typical cannabis capsules.  Pure CBD does not harness the power of the entourage effect falling short of maximum effect, while pure THC can be too mentally active, sometimes causing disorientation and anxiety.  The AM Relief formula uses a special cannabinoid ratio in combination with potent herbal extracts to achieve maximum cannabis effect without feeling intoxicated.  Willow Bark, Boswellia, and Red Sage are some of the key herbal components that enhance the body effects naturally seen in cannabis.


[10 servings per package]

Sativa Cannabis Concentrate Oil, Herbal Extract Blend:(boswellia, turmeric, red sage, willow bark, green tea), Coconut Flakes, Gelatin Capsule


– Cannabinoids:
Per Serving: 7mg CBD / 2mg THC / 5mg THCA
Per Package: 70mg CBD / 20mg THC / 50mg THCA

How to use

– Remove the desired number of capsules from blister pack.

– Due to power of herbal blend, it is recommended to not take more than two capsules per sitting.

– Swallow capsule on a full or empty stomach.