Full Extract Cannabis Oil (F.E.C.O.) 2:1 Capsules



Fairwinds Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO) capsules are designed to provide all components of the cannabis plant. FECO products are made using our multi-phase extraction process. The whole plant is extracted to capture cannabinoids, terpenes, and waxes. Fresh plant material (including flower, leaf, stem, stalk, and roots) is then ground and pressed to provide a juice rich in compounds like flavonoids. We freeze-dry the extractions and remove all moisture, without degradation of the sensitive water-soluble components, blending them together to create FECO capsules.


Cannabis Concentrate, 2nd Phase Cannabis Whole Plant Extract, Coconut Flakes, Gelatin Capsule


Per Serving: 12.2mg CBD / 5 mg CBDA / 8mg THCA / 2mg THC

Per Package: 125mg CBD / 50mg CBDA / 80mg THCA / 20mg THC

How To Use

– Remove the desired number of capsules from blister pack.

– Swallow capsule on a full or empty stomach.