Hot Mocha Coffee



Here at Fairwinds we support our local small business owners whom take great pride in their crafts and creativity.  Paper Tiger roasters, located  in Vancouver WA. is a single source origin roaster.  Fairwinds also sources our Cocoa/Java blends locally in Washington state, which are hand made and free of mass production disconnected ingredients.  We are local – We source local to make a better product, supporting our local economy.



All natural ingredients, high quality
41g Cocoa mix with splash of coffee in each serving (typical instant cocoa is 28g)
Add to 12oz. water vs 6-8 typical cup of cocoa
Use half package for a 5mg dose (this is why we provide larger cocoa serving to allow fair size half cup)
Individual servings available in resealable mylar bags (weather proof, durable, child proof)

Ingredients: Mocha mix, Cannabis Concentrate, Polysorbate.

10mg THC per package

Also sold in individual servings