M.A.C Inhaler



Miracles happen, once in a while. This strain with an inspiring history brings forth notes of citrus zest and classic Cookie strain earthiness alongside a gaseous funk. It was one of 2020’s most popular cultivars for a reason!


Cannabis Oil, Cannabis Terpenes, HFA Propellant (FDA Approved)


Per Metered Dose: 2.5mg THC

Per Canister: 500mg THC

Why Inhalers?

The Fairwinds Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) delivers the effects of cannabis without requiring any vaporization or combustion of oil. Eliminating any need for heat application ensures you get the purest experience possible! Fairwinds uses premium, pharmaceutical grade and FDA-registered equipment to ensure our MDIs are of the finest quality.

How To Use

Click here to view our inhaler instructions video!