The Fairwinds Release Tincture is an ultra-fast acting, effective and discreet tool; a complex blend of cannabis oil, unique cannabis terpenes, and powerful herbal extracts optimized to put anxiety and stress in its place. Addressing an issue at the core of managing life’s challenges, the Release Tincture provides quick and long-lasting support for those that require a helping hand in short notice and when you need it most.

An optimized blend of CBD, THCA along with a micro-serving of THC support the entourage effect while providing a clear mind and clarity for the highest daily functionality. So when life’s challenges hit close to home, know that you have the support you need to find your Release.

15 servings per bottle – 200mg active cannabinoids per bottle
1.3mg THC / 6mg CBD / 6mg THCA per serving
20mg THC / 90mg CBD / 90mg THCA per bottle

Dosing Information

At Fairwinds, we understand the importance of accuracy and precision in every serving. However, due to Washington state regulations, Fairwinds Manufacturing is unable to provide individual dosing instructions in relation to a specific disease or ailment. By law, any recommendation provided by the company would be considered an official medical recommendation, which is out of compliance with Washington state regulation.

While we are learning a great deal about cannabis and our body’s natural Endocannabinoid System (ECS) on a daily basis, there are many variables to consider when searching for a standardized effect. To measure out each serving with ease, please use the graduated lines on your dropper alongside the serving size guidelines found on the right side panel of every tincture box. While this strategy will allow you to find a consistent serving size and the contents that make up each serving, every user will have a unique experience based on their individual cannabinoid system. To find your balance with cannabis, start with a half or full serving based on past cannabis experience (if any) and continue to administer more as necessary for your personal needs.

We look forward to the day where the laws that govern our industry and patient’s rights are opened to freely discuss instructions on use of products and the benefits and uses of cannabis. Until that day, Fairwinds will remain an active player in legislative action groups committed to fighting for increased patient’s rights and open access to cannabis for all.

You must be 21 years or older to visit Fairwinds.