Ratio 10:1 Tincture



The 10:1 ratio High-CBD oil provides a gentle balance of THC with a high CBD potency. This ratio allows the amazing benefits of THC to shine, while keeping the psychoactive effect at bay.

Why Avocado Oil?

We have transitioned to avocado oil from coconut oil for even further improved health benefits and higher bio-availability. Avocado also contains a high supply of healthy and desirable mono-unsaturated fatty acids and poly-unsaturated fatty acids with a whopping 13% Omega-6 composition, a profile that has been shown to help support wellness. Avocado oil is not just a carrier oil, it is one of the powerful active ingredients. Other tincture mediums are known to suffer from separation and have a high potential for microbial growth, and some are just plain unhealthy to consume. Fairwinds tinctures are formulated with an emphasis on purity and quality, are shelf stable, anti-microbial by design and the medium itself provides wellness support. With a soft, smooth & non-oily feeling, avocado oil provides a clean, natural & rich experience.

Why Terpene Fortified?

Terpenes are powerful aroma compounds found in cannabis, dictating the sativa or indica effect in each strain. Alongside cannabinoid potency, aroma & flavor, terpenes play a key role in the amazing effect and support cannabis provides. This synergy is known as the entourage effect. The Fairwinds in-house cultivated High-CBD Omrita flower is the foundation for the Ratio series. By reintroducing a standardized terpene profile to each Ratio blend, the effect is optimized and consistent across the product line. Enjoy a bright, fresh all-natural citrus experience with a well balanced terpene blend to meet a diverse array of needs.
Fun Fact: Caryophyllene is proven to function as a cannabinoid, binding to the CB2 receptor and supporting your endocannabinoid system.

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