Deeper Sleep Capsules



Deeper Sleep was formulated using potent herbal extracts and a specific cannabinoid ratio to help provide optimal support. The combination of relaxing terpenes such as myrcene & linalool alongside THC, CBD, and other herbal extracts support the body and mind.  A major component of the formula is peony root extract, standardized to contain a high percentage of paeoniflorin, which has clinically demonstrated benefits. The Deeper Sleep capsule formula is designed to have a long-lasting effect that lives up to its name.


Indica Cannabis Concentrate, Herbal Extract (Ashwagandha, Theanine, Passion Flower, Corydalis, Chamomile), Coconut Flakes, Gelatin Capsule


Per Serving: 5mg THC / 3mg CBD

Per Package: 75mg THC / 45mg CBD

How To Use

– Remove the desired number of capsules from blister pack. Due to the power of this herbal blend, it is not recommended to take more than two capsules per sitting.

– Swallow capsule on a full or empty stomach.