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These are still the same Full Extract Cannabis Oil pens you’re familiar with – but we’ve given them a fresh look and are providing more information around what sets our pens apart from standard RSO and other whole plant extracts out there!

Full Extract Cannabis Oil vs RSO – what’s the difference?

Our extraction process (alongside our use of fresh-pressed cannabis juice) captures more of the plant’s total profile when compared with other traditional whole-plant extracts. Alcohol is most commonly used to extract oil for this kind of product – but it misses out on certain compounds that help our oil stand out from the crowd. In addition to THC and CBD, our oil also contains other minor cannabinoids with fantastic potential benefits that are left out from most formulations.

*Due to Washington State regulations, we’re prohibited from speaking to the benefits of these compounds. We highly encourage you to look into these cannabinoids if you’re interested in learning more!

Why add terpenes?

Terpenes play a massive role in determining how different cannabis cultivars affect the folks who consume them. We use a standardized blend of terpenes in our Full Extract Cannabis Oil in order to ensure that each batch is consistent, regardless of the cultivar (or strain) it’s made with!

How to use

1. Remove cap and twist base clockwise to break child proof seal.

2. Continue to twist base with the metal tip pointed up – this “primes” the container and brings oil to the top. Each rotation will cause a clicking sound.

3. After a few turns, the pen will be primed and the first serving of oil will dispense.

4. Replace cap when not in use. Store horizontally for best results.

Full Extract Cannabis Oil