CBD Ratio vape series



Find Your Golden Ratio

It’s a philosophy that has been practiced throughout the ages— the goal, to achieve a desirable middle between two extremes. Fairwinds has captured this idea in the new CBD Ratio Series vapes. Potent and pure, our oil ranges from a non-psychoactive 20:1 CBD:THC high CBD, to a 1:1 ratio that delivers a balanced CBD and THC experience. Our Premium CBD oils are not distillates, retaining the entourage of terpenes found in the fresh flower. We also distill terpenes directly from cannabis and add them to our vapor oils, to further enhance the effect, performance & flavor. Use a combination of CBD Ratios together to optimize your experience.

CBD 20:1 THC
The 20:1 ratio High CBD oil is our highest CBD:THC ratio vape. With a micro-serving of THC to optimize effects, this ratio is non-psychoactive by design. We have found that ratios higher than 20:1 have diminishing returns in terms of wellness support.

CBD 10:1 THC
The 10:1 ratio High-CBD oil provides a gentle balance of THC with a high CBD potency. This ratio allows the amazing benefits of THC to shine, while keeping he psychoactive effect at bay.

The 5:1 ratio is an effective blend of CBD and THC, containing sufficient amounts of both cannabinoids for a diverse array of support. This ratio provides a functional, clear-minded balance to those sensitive to THC.

The 1:1 ratio is the ‘multi-tool’ of cannabis oil, providing support for a broad spectrum of needs. Covering all benefits provided by both CBD and THC, this ratio is typically most effective for those seeking physical support and more of an indica effect.

New Generation Cartridge

A perfected Plastic-Free cartridge made of glass, stainless steel and ceramic, delivers a clean & pure oil experience without the chemicals found in plastic cartridges. The adjustable air control system allows for giant vapor pulls or micro-servings, catering to both beginners and experienced consumers.

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