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CBD Ratio 1:1 Vape

Fairwinds 1:1 Ratio Vape Cartridge is the multi-tool of cannabis oil, providing support for a broad spectrum of needs. This full ceramic vape cartridge works to provide all the benefits of both CBD and THC, this ratio is typically most effective for those seeking physical support that desire a more relaxed effect.


Cannabis Concentrate, Cannabis Terpenes

Terpene Blend: Caryophyllene, a-Pinene, b-Pinene, Delta-3-Carene, Limonene, Myrcene, Nerolidol, Proprietary Blend


Cannabinoids: [Average Potency]

36% THC, 36% CBD

How To Use

For Batteries with 510-Thread

– Screw the cartridge top clockwise onto the top of your battery. Make sure the cartridge is snug on the battery to prevent damage to the threading.

– Turn on battery and place on the lowest heat setting to preserve terpenes for long-lasting flavor and effect.

– Enjoy!

Note: If the lighting on your battery blinks purple after securing the cartridge, try twisting the cartridge counter-clockwise so that the hardware is still secure, but not tightened to its maximum potential.

For Auto-Draw Batteries

– Screw the cartridge top clockwise onto the O-ring adapter (not included with cartridge).

– Drop cartridge into the magnetized holster on battery. The cartridge should fit snugly in the adapter port.

– Enjoy!