Deep Sleep vape



An effective blend, a dreamy experience.

Relax and enjoy a dreamy cannabis experience with the Deep Sleep vape. A very effective and proven blend of essential oils is added to our signature Sleep Series Cannabis Oil. There is no Indica strain that can compare in effect. You will want to park this one on your night-stand. *Use with Deep Sleep tincture and Deeper Sleep capsules for the ultimate nighty-night.

Why essential oils with cannabis?

Did you know pure essential oils are complex & diverse blends of many of the same terpenes found in cannabis? For example, Lavender oil is more than 34% Linalool, one of the dominant terpenes in our Deep Sleep vapor cartridge. Our Release vape oil features Ylang Ylang, dominant in Linalool, Caryophyllene and Nerol, three terpenes key to the effect of this life changing blend. Terpenes and essential oils truly are essential components of the ideal vape cartridge experience. Some essential oil blends contain 150 or more different terpenes, all providing individual and unique levels of support. The Fairwinds Essential Vape Series is the next evolution of cannabis oil vape cartridges. Integrate all three into your wellness plan and feel the difference Cannabis can make.

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