The Digestify Tincture features a proven cannabinoid profile, predominantly non-psychoactive THCa and CBD, all-natural cannabis terpenes and a unique blend of high purity Essential Oils. These Essential Oils provide hundreds of monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes, many of  which are naturally occurring in cannabis. This selection of Essential Oils is well known and backed by science to support your Gut-Brain connection. All combined with this powerful blend of Cannabis Oil and a special selection of cannabis terpenes, unleashes a non-psychoactive botanical entourage experience you will not find in any other product.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are all-natural aroma and flavor compounds, distilled from raw plant materials such as flowers, leaves, fruit peels, berries and roots. These essential oils are comprised of complex terpene blends some containing more than 160 different terpenoids!  Throughout history, humans have utilized the spiritual and wellness benefits of these essential oils, much of the time alongside their cannabis for the botanical synergy and entourage effect provided. High-purity essential oils have been commercially available and used for therapeutic and medicinal purposes in America since the early 1900’s. Companies such as doTerra, Young Living, and Plant Therapy produce effective therapeutic blends such as Serenity, On Guard and Digest Zen with the therapeutic effects strategically defined in the name. There is substantial clinical and anecdotal data compiled over decades that support the tremendous benefits essential oils provide.

Many of these terpenes and botanical compounds are naturally occurring in cannabis as well, supporting the principle behind the Fairwinds Essential Tincture Series.

Why terpene fortified?

Terpenes are powerful aroma and flavor compounds found in cannabis, contributing to the sativa or indica effect in each strain. Alongside cannabinoid potency, aroma & flavor, terpenes play a key role in the amazing effect and support cannabis provides. This synergy is known as the entourage effect. By integrating a standardized terpene profile to each Essential Tincture Series blend, the Cannabis effect is optimized and amplified for your enjoyment.

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