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Rectify suppositories are designed to help enhance your quality of life through increased comfort and tranquility. A product that truly lives up to its name, Rectify effectively delivers the amazing capabilities of cannabis along with herbs in an easy-to-use, ultra-effective form. Its efficient absorption and high bioavailability alongside a synergistic blend of cannabis oil & powerful herbal extracts provide extraordinary effects.


Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Shea Butter, Cannabis Oil, Herbal Extract Blend (Boswellia, Peony, Berberine).


Per Serving: 5mg CBD / 5mg THCA / 10mg THC

Per Package: 20mg CBD / 20mg THCA / 40mg THC

How To Use

– Wash your hands with soap and water before applying finger glove. (included in the box)

– Peel apart the plastic wrapper. It is always best to open each wrapper over a clean surface in case the product falls out as you are peeling.

– Gently insert the suppository length-wise with the rounded end first using your index finger or applicator.

Note: Rectify has a melting temperature of 96°F and begins to soften and absorb within 5 minutes on average. If the suppository has been exposed to heat, it can be placed in a refrigerator, freezer or run under cold water to quickly re-firm.